How We Can Work Together

Thank You For Your Interest In Working With Me 

Group Lunch & Learn Workshops

These 1 hour lunch and learn workshops have been created specifically for companies who are interested in helping their female employees gain more self-confidence, improve their overall communication and be more productive within their role.

For more information please schedule a call. 


1:1 Total Transformation Mastery 

Combining coaching, CBT & NLP, we spend 10 weeks together re-wiring your mind for success. Using the life balance wheel, we re-focus, re-motivate, and re-balance your whole life. In each session (held every other week) we go deeper into each aspect, recognise anything that is holding you back, set goals, challenge obstacles that my effect those goals and create strategies to move your life forward.

This is for you if you never want to have to worry about your confidence ever again!

Access to me through email is available in between sessions.

​1:1 Mindset for Success

Eight 50-minute sessions using the FLOAT system. These sessions are held every other week with tasks to implement in between. We set goals, create strategies and challenge obstacles that are getting in the way of you moving forward.

This if for you if you already know that something is holding you back and you want to gain confidence FAST to get you to the next level.

Access to me through email is available in between sessions.

Both programmes come with;